Personalized Representation That Puts You First

Personalized Representation In An Impersonal World

The law firm of Claudio & Associates focuses exclusively on the needs of clients facing difficult matrimonial and family disputes. With a background as a law clerk for a family law judge, our founding lawyer, Desiree Claudio, understands how courts think about matrimonial and family law. Attorney Claudio serves clients throughout the New York area, including the South Jamaica area and more.

She brings that knowledge to bear on every case our firm handles. You will appreciate our ability to help you see how the court itself views your situation.

Don’t Settle For Being A Number

We handle a full menu of matrimonial and family law issues. Our offerings include representation in divorce and its many related matters, orders of protection in a family offense petition, spousal support (maintenance) cases and more.

In all those scenarios, we know how to advise you intelligently as to all of your options. Those options can include, among others, collaborative approaches, non adversarial approaches as well as traditional adversarial approaches such as litigation and trial.

Our clients often come to us because they want to be treated like people. We know you do not want to get processed by the legal system.

For that reason, we provide a fully staffed legal team committed to personalized service. We make it a goal to always have a live human being to answer your phone calls. We also make it a goal to return communications within 48 hours of receipt.

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We invite you to learn more about how we can help you. Call us to schedule an initial consultation: 929-352-8081. You can also make your appointment with us online.