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It’s Not Just About The Numbers

Divorce is complicated enough by itself. Children added to the mix means much more is involved. This is about your loved one’s future now, too.

Our personalized approach to all of our cases is particularly appropriate in divorces where children are involved. We know cases involving children trigger an intensely detailed analysis by the court. Our intimate knowledge of your case will position you well for that analysis. Our firm’s child custody lawyer serves clients throughout New York, including Jamaica.

The Best Interests Of A Child

A court assessing a child custody and visitation situation will always look to ensure that the child’s best interests are met. We work with you to present your situation to the court within that context.

In doing so, attorney Claudio draws on her own unique insights into the judicial process as it applies to child custody matters in a divorce. Attorney Claudio has served as a judge’s clerk in family law cases. She has a perspective that understands how both sides of a case work as well as how the cases are handled by judges behind the scenes.

To work with you best, we commit ourselves to communicating with you. We maintain a fully staffed team so when you call and someone answers, you are speaking to a human being, not an answering machine. We also personalize our service by committing ourselves to returning all communications from you within 48 hours.

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