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Accessibility And Service

When you are facing the reality of divorce in your life, you want someone at your side who understands what you are going through and who can protect your rights aggressively when necessary. Attorney Desiree Claudio provides that level of service to all of our firm’s clients.

People from throughout New York City and beyond, including Jamaica, come to see attorney Claudio for that reason. We handle all Supreme Court matters and all types of domestic issues dealt with by the Supreme Court, including custody, child support, visitation and family offenses.

We also handle deal with those same issues in a different court called Family Court where parties do not necessarily need to have been married, but have children and need their issues addressed. Married couples work with us in Family Court matters when they do not want to divorce yet or want to streamline their cases, Family Court being more affordable and less formal than Supreme Court. Once we resolve their matters in Family Court, we can then go to Supreme Court with a Family Court order and ask the Supreme Court for a divorce.

You, too, will be able to rely on us for the personalized service you want during this difficult time.

Focused On Your Individual Needs

Few areas of the law are more emotionally charged than family disputes such as divorce. For that reason, our firm only focuses on the needs of families embroiled in disputes. We do not dabble in other areas of law.

We want you to be able to make the most of our services. For that reason, we emphasize our accessibility to you. You will be able to count on us for regular communication so you understand where your case stands at every phase of the process.

Further, our firm’s lawyer, Desiree Claudio, understands how courts think. As a former family law clerk, she had the opportunity to learn how both sides of a divorce case handle matters as well as how judges view any number of divorce situations, including:

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