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Personal Statement: Covid-19 Client Assistance and National Hispanic Heritage Month

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Firm News |

We at Claudio & Associates, Attorneys at Law keep our clients at top priority. You can rely on us to treat you like a person and not a number.

As the novel coronavirus changed our world as we once knew it, this did not stop us from assisting our clients. One of our main focuses for our clients during this time was education and giving them as much peace of mind as possible. For example, clients were informed about how they should comply with visitation orders.

“We’ve been able to dispel their [clients] misinformation. A lot of people thought courts were shut down, but we let clients know that we can actually file for you.” – Principal Attorney Desiree Claudio.

Taking it a step further here at Claudio & Associates, we took time to help empower the community during this time of need. Collaborating with Beyond Meat, Claudio & Associates worked to give out food in the community, prioritizing health. A Zoom curriculum for child support was also created to help father’s rights, with most of the outreach being focused on the Queensbridge area.

The Latin community was hit hard during the height of the pandemic due to loss of work and lack of protection.

“A lot of my clients were day laborers, worked in homes, restaurant workers and/or were non-unionized construction workers and were affected and unable to work due of COVID. Their jobs were not protected. Many families that fell ill dealt with the stresses of not having health insurance.” – P.A Desiree Claudio.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is being observed from September 15th through October 15th and we at Claudio & Associates pride ourselves in celebrating the innovation and accomplishments of the Latino community beyond just one month. At Claudio & Associates more than fifty percent of the staff speak Spanish. This has been an important commitment for Ms. Claudio for staff to speak the language. Principal Attorney Desiree Claudio emphasized the importance of mentorship and representation.

“When we recognize those who came before us and remind ourselves that leaders can look like us than it brings us one step closer to reaching our goals that we couldn’t imagine otherwise.” – P.A Desiree Claudio.