Personalized Representation In Difficult Matters

Personalized Representation In Difficult Matters

In the crowd of New York City, it can be difficult to get treated like an individual. You can rely on us at Claudio & Associates to treat you like a person, not a number.


Focused On Family Law

The law firm of Claudio & Associates, Attorneys at Law, in Jamaica, New York, maintains a practice committed to the needs of those in the New York City area facing difficult family issues. Clients come to see us at our Queens location for matrimonial and family matters, including a comprehensive variety of divorce issues, including, among many others, high-asset divorce matters and grandparents’ rights.

You can learn more about attorney Claudio’s education and work history as a lawyer by reviewing the detailed biography provided at the link below:

Committed To Treating You Like A Person, Not A Number

We find the best approach to family law involves treating people like, well, people. We know how tough it can be to get that treatment in New York City where it is easier to process people like numbers.

By treating you like a person, we make it possible to learn what makes your case tick, the details unique to your situation, and the unique circumstances you face. We can then draw on that individualized knowledge to tailor legal solutions directly responsive to your own needs.

We also understand that when you have questions, you want someone to talk to. For that reason, we maintain a fully staffed office team so when you call, a human being answers the phone. Simply having someone to talk to can often set your mind at ease.

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In fact, you can schedule an initial appointment to speak with us right now. Call us at 929-352-8081. You can also contact us online to make your appointment.